What is permanent, semi-permanent make-up?

Using the best permanent make up products and been trained by the most professional, advanced company guarantees you are in my safe hands.

Permanent make-up is a form of cosmetic tattooing also known as micropigmentation. Pharmaceutical grade pigments are applied into the second layer of the skin to create beautiful colour that resembles perfectly applied make-up. Fading over the years most clients will require a top up every 18 months to keep the colour looking fresh. Saving you time each day and working together to create a look that will suit you, this will give you a whole new confidence! Whether you choose a natural hairstroke brow, strong lash enhancement or a gorgeous soft lip blush you will wonder what you did before…

The technique is safe and can be life changing. Most individuals benefit from this time saving procedure that will leave you looking effortlessly lovely and enhanced from the moment you wake up.

How long does it last?

Permanent make-up is exactly that – permanent! The colour will fade over the years so a top up is recommended every 18 months to keep the colour looking fresh.

Am I Suitable?

Most people are suitable for permanent make-up. During a one to one initial consultation, we discuss your expectations, enabling me to recommend the treatment I believe will achieve the look you are trying to create.

Will it hurt?

I use state of the art equipment that is designed with the customer in mind. It is no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed. Every attention to detail is cater for to ensure you have the most painfree treatment available.

What are the benefits?

Permanent make-up will save you valuable time every morning. Each procedure will enhance your natural features so you can have a perfectly defined pout, beautifully shaped brows, which give an age defying lift and perfectly made up eyes from dusk till dawn, giving a wide eyed look just as beautiful as nature intended it. Working together we can find a look to suit you. From natural and understated to more striking and glamorous.

Enhancing brows

Powder brows

 A hint of colour applied to the brow to give a more blended look.

Hairstroke brows

 Designed to imitate tiny eyebrow hairs for a more natural look.

Power brows

 Perfect for a more dramatic full eyebrow design.

Part brows & scars in brows

Enhancing eyes

Soft lash enhancement

(top and bottom)
A softer result emphasising the lash line between the lashes giving a beautiful, delicate outline to your eyes.

Bottom only

Strong lash enhancement

 (top and bottom)
A stronger look that emphasises the outline of the eyes giving a gorgeous, sultry look.


 Creating definition along the lash line with the addition of a small flick to the outside of the eye giving you a perfect made up look all day long.

Enhancing Lips!

Lip liner

 Emphasising the lip outline enabling lips to be more balanced and defined.

Soft lip blush

 Perfect for a soft more natural look, outline blends into a beautiful blush on the lips.

Strong Full Lip blush

 For the girl who loves a full on lipstick look permanently. Choose from a more natural shade or a sexy striking colour.

Beauty spot

 If having any other permanent make up treatment.

Top Up Colour Boost

 (12-18 months)




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